Ready-Move allows for free time

An active leisure requires moving and communicating with their surroundings . It is difficult for a lot of persons with severe visual impairment, hearing loss, and deafblindness to move freely and practice activities since they are afraid to injure themselves or make damages. Ready-Move, the tactile aid can improve the mobility, autonomy of these people so that they can exercise physical activities more easily, thus gaining active leisure and better quality of life.

Ready-Move consists of a transmitter (used by an assistant), receiver (used by the user) and a number of vibrators which are placed in appropriate places on the user’s body and communicate with the recipient wirelessly via Bluetooth . The communication between receiver and transmitter device takes place wirelessly via Wi-Fi or 3G network. The information is transmitted in the form of simple or combination of short / long pulses where the assistant and the user agree on what the pulses should represent. Ready-Move can be used when performing leisure activities, including horse riding.